About Us

The "Latvian Literature" platform was established in order to promote recognition of Latvian literature and its distribution abroad, to ensure international cooperation among publishers, literary agents, writers, translators, and organizations working in the fields of literature and publishing. We are here to provide you with a diverse array of information on Latvian authors, books, our publishing industry, and innovations within the industry.

E-mail: info@latvianliterature.lv

The "Latvian Literature" platform was created through a partnership of the three largest literary institutions in Latvia: the International Writers and Translators house, the Latvian Writers Union, and the Latvian Publishers Association.

The International Writers and Translators House (IWTH) is in charge of the management and development of the Latvian Literature platform, as well as Latvia's participation in the London Book Fair – where Latvia was one of the Market Focus countries in 2018 – and other book fairs (Leipzig, Bologna, Frankfurt). IWTH also provides grants for the translation and publishing of Latvian literature, and has developed a program for a long-term work with literary translators. IWTH offers a residency for literary translators, including an intensive Latvian language course.

E-mail: ventspilshouse@ventspilshouse.lv

The Latvian Writers Union represents the rights of Latvian writers, and organizes the two largest literary festivals in Latvia.

E-mail: lrs@rakstnieciba.lv

The Latvian Publishers Association represents the rights of Latvian publishers, and organizes the Best Designed Book of the Year contest.

E-mail: lga@gramatizdeveji.lv