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About Us

  • Platform

    The "Latvian Literature" platform was established in order to promote recognition of Latvian literature and its distribution abroad, to ensure international cooperation among publishers, literary agents, writers, translators, and organizations working in the fields of literature and publishing. We are here to provide you with a diverse array of information on Latvian authors, books, our publishing industry, and innovations within the industry.

    E-mail: info(abols)latvianliterature.lv

    FB: fb.com/LatvianLiterature

    X: twitter.com/LV_Literature

    Instagram: instagram.com/latvianliterature

  • What Do We Do?

    1. International Book Fairs 

    Visit us in the largest international book fairs where we participate with a national stand of Latvia, in partnership with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. 
    London Book Fair, Leipzig Book fair, Bologna Children's Book fair, Frankfurt Book Fair.  Follow our calendar for book fair dates and stand information.

    2. Culture program abroad 

    Focusing on the specific topicality, events, festivals etc, the Latvian Literature platform is managing and performing a wide cultural program abroad: book launches, author participation at the literary festivals, exhibitions, workshops and other literature related events.

    3. Grant program for translators and foreign publishers 

    Please visit our Grants section to aquire more information. 

    4. Work with translators 

    One of the main functions of the Latvian Literature platform is conscious, strategic and long term work with translators of Latvian literature. Throughout a year we organise scheduled activities for translators like an annual prose translation workshop, a poetry translation workshop and a meeting in Riga combined with an informative seminar for all translators from Latvian language.

    Latvian Literature platform has designed a mentorship program for emerging translators from Latvian, in which upcoming translators have an opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced mentor. The program is free of charge and sessions are held remotely online. Prior knowledge of Latvian is required. To apply, send a short motivation letter (in English or Latvian) to info(abols)latvianliterature.lv

    5. Literary visits to Riga

    Twice a year the platform Latvian Literature organizes foreign publishers, cultural journalists and literary festivals visits to Riga. The aim of these visits is to introduce participants with the Latvian literature, the Latvian book industry and to establish long-term relationships and partnerships.

    The publishers visit program consists of 2 key components:

    a) informative lectures on Latvian literature, paying special attention to the genres represented by the guest publishers, seminars on book publishing in Latvia, and the support system available for foreign.  Publishers publishing Latvian literature abroad. During their visit, the publishers participate in tours to the National Library and select publishing houses;

    b) each foreign publisher has a unique program designed for them according to their publishing profile and interest, including individual meetings with Latvian publishers, authors, translators, and literary agents.

    Foreign publishers who are interested to publish Latvian literature are invited to apply for the visit: info(abols)latvianliterature.lv Foreign journalists and literary festivals are invited to apply to ildze(abols)latvianliterature.lv

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