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Exhibition of Latvian Illustrations in London

2019, August 26

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From 14th to 25th August, London was hosting a traveling display of “The Horse” catalogue put together by the Latvian Literature platform, Latvian authors and illustrators. In early September, the exhibit will be traveling to Newcastle.

Last week Latvian artist and illustrator Gundega Muzikante was visiting London’s “Discover Children’s Story Centre” where she held two widely attended workshops: “This center is truly spectacular and a really great example of professionalism and the importance of collaboration of storytellers in inviting children into the world of imagination. The center was full of people for the two days I was there, the storytelling sessions there are frequent and well attended.” 

On 20th and 21st August, illustrator Anna Vaivare had her workshops in London, and on 22nd and 23rd August – illustrator and writer Mārtiņš Zutis held his. During this time, hundreds of British children had the chance not only to attend the exhibition but also buy “The Horse” catalogue and children’s books written by Latvian authors and published in Britain. Throughout September, the exhibition will be touring in Newcastle.

“We recognized that “The Horse” catalogue covers a range of themes and offers visual solutions that match the centre’s mission to encourage creativity in children, therefore the Latvian Literature platform initiated a dialogue which successfully brought about this collaboration,” explained Ildze Jansone, international relations and events coordinator at Latvian Literature.

Promotion of Latvian children’s books and illustrations is one of the platform’s priorities when it comes to working with foreign publishing houses. “The Horse” catalogue features illustrations by 20 Latvian artists, created specifically for 20 short stories about horses. The catalogue was created as an exciting informative material showcasing each illustrator’s unique style.

Discover is the UK’s first Story Centre for children with the aim to create a love of language, literature and stories. The centre is a place where children and their families can play, learn and participate in creative workshops developing their curiosity and imagination.

Learn more about the Children’s Story Centre: HERE

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