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Latvian Authors to Open the Cultural Programme at the London Book Fair

2018, February 12

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This year, a special programme is dedicated to the Latvian Centenary with Latvian authors attending various literary events in London and other cities in the UK. The programme is related to Latvia’s participation in the London Book Fair which, together with the other two Baltic states, it will be attending as Market Focus. In February, Latvian writers will be attending festivals in London and Birmingham and prose writer Nora Ikstena, the London Book Fair’s Author of the Day, will be giving a reading in a presentation of the English translation of “Mātes piens” (“Soviet Milk”).

On 12th February, the Latvian author Ieva Samauska, whose book of poems “Skaļā klase” (published by “Pētergailis”) was published as “The Noisy Classroom” by “The Emma Press” in English last year, will be giving a poetry reading at the children’s literary festival “Imagine” in London. On 17th February, the author together with the translator Richard O’Brien will be attending the Birmingham poetry festival “Verve”.

On 23 February, Nora Ikstena will be meeting the readers at the Embassy of Latvia in London and will be reading excerpts from her novel “Soviet Milk” (published by “Dienas grāmata”) and presenting its long-awaited English translation “Soviet Milk” (published by “Peirene Press”). On 24th February, Nora Ikstena will also be giving a reading in the “Spring Salon” organised by “Peirene Press” in London.

On 24th February, Latvian poets Inga Gaile, Madara Gruntmane and Marija Luīze Meļķe will be attending the Birmingham’s Multicultural festival and giving readings in their native tongue together with poets from all over the world.

You may follow the events held in the UK this year in the Market Focus Program Calendar created by the “Latvian Literature” platform with its monthly updates.

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