Latvian books published in Italy, Ukraine, Macedonia, Lithuania and Russia


2017, January 6

Latvian books published in Italy, Ukraine, Macedonia, Lithuania and Russia

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Last year, six more books were published abroad – works by Juris Kronbergs, Knuts Skujenieks, Nora Ikstena, Juris Zvirgzdiņš and Juris Kunnoss.

Italian publishing house “Gattomerlino/Superstripes” published the Sweden-born writer Juris Kronbergs' collection of poems “Documenti di viaggio” (Travel Documents), translated by Piera Mattei. Juris Kronbergs is the author of 12 collections and one children's book. In 2015, “Gattomerlino/Superstripes” already published Piera Mattei's translation of Kronbergs' “Lupo Occhio – solo” (Wolf One-Eye), that was first put out in 2008 by the Latvian publishing house “Mansards”. In 2006, this collection was also published in English by the British “Arc Publications”.

Ukrainian company “TOV Kompaniya Krok” has published  Knuts Skujenieks' poetry collection “мала моя батьківщина” (small is my fatherland), translated into Ukrainian by Jurko Sadlovskiy. Knuts Skujenieks is the author of 12 books of poems and has received the Annual Latvian Literature Award for lifetime contribution (2011), the Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature (2008), the Swedish Writers’ Foundation Award (2000) and other prizes. His collection “Sēkla sniegā” (A Seed in the Snow) has been published in Italy, Germany and the USA.

We already reported on Noras Ikstena's work of prose “Dzīvesstāsti” (Life Stories, published in 2004 by “Atēna”) being translated into Hindu by Teji Grover and published in India by “Vani Prakashan”. Last year, her work was also published in Italy, under the title “Storie di vita” by the publishing house “Damocle”, translated by Paolo Pantaleo, as well as by the Macedonian publisher “Shkupi”, translated as “Tregimet e jetës” by Luan Morine. In 2013, her “Life Stories” were also translated by Margita Gailītis and published by the Canadian “Guernica Editions”. Nora Ikstena is the author of 13 novels, and has received the Baltic Assembly Prize for her novel “The Indefinite Was” (2006, Diena Publishing), the Latvian Literature Award for her collection of stories, and other prizes. Nora Ikstena's story "Elzas Kuga's Old Age Dementia" has been included in “Best European Fiction 2011” anthology.

Lithuanian publishing house “Debesų ganyklos” has published Audrius Musteikis'  translation of the Latvian writer Juris Zvirgzdiņš' book “Liūto riaumojimas” (Lion's Roar, published in 2015 by Pētergailis). Juris Zvirgzdiņš is the author of 23 children's books, two-time winner of the International Jānis Baltvilks Baltic Sea Region Award (2013, 2009), and has received the Annual Children's Literature Award for his book “The Return of the Beavers” (2005, Zvaigzne ABC), and other acknowledgements.

Russian publisher “Ruskij Guliver” has published Sergey Moreino's translation of Juris Kunnoss' selected poems “Берестяной грааль” (The Birch Bark Grail). 1990 saw the publishing of Juris Kunnoss poems translated by Michael Molnar for “Child of Europe: A new anthology of East European Poetry” by the British publisher “Penguin Books”. Moreino's translation of “Берестяной грааль” into Russian has earned him the “Master of Literary Translation” Guild Award (Гильдия “Мастера литературного перевода”).