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“Latvian Literature” Platform Presents a New Literature-Based Virtual Tour of Riga

2023, September 21

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The “Latvian Literature” platform has created a new virtual tour, offering an opportunity to visit Riga locations mentioned in various literary works by Latvian authors. During a tour lasting approximately 40 minutes, you can listen to excerpts from the works of writers such as Vizma Belševica, Dace Rukšāne, Pauls Bankovskis, Luīze Pastore, and other authors.

The literary tour, which is available to every user free of charge on the website www.rigabooktour.lv, is filmed with a 360-degree camera, providing not only the opportunity to listen but also to actively engage with and, by rotating the screen, to view significant Riga locations such as Ķīpsala, Riga Central Market, the "Splendid Palace" theatre, and other landmarks. During the tour, guests are accompanied by the "Latvian Literature" platform’s #iamintrovert marketing campaign characters – introverted writers I. and I. They will help you get immersed into the specific environment by sharing various historical facts. The idea for this tour originated during the pandemic when many people were seeking unique ways to travel and momentarily escape from their usual environments.

"We wanted there to be a journey that you can embark on even when you don't necessarily have the means and time for it. It is also an opportunity to spark interest in our literature and introduce our capital city to people who have never been here and don't know who Nora Ikstena or Jānis Joņevs are,” elaborates the author of the virtual tour script is Anete Konste.

This project, just like the "Latvian Literature" platform in general, targets international audiences; therefore, the tour is designed in the English language. During the tour, animated characters, drawn by the artist and author of the #iamintrovert campaign's visual identity, Reinis Pētersons, appear in the cityscape. The tour includes excerpts from the works of Latvian writers such as Dace Rukšāne, Jānis Joņevs, Andra Neiburga, Nora Ikstena, Arno Jundze, Luīze Pastore, Kristīne Ulberga, Baiba Zīle, Inga Ābele, Pauls Bankovskis, and Vizma Belševica. The virtual tour was created by the film production company "Fon Films," with consultation from tour guide Harijs Egliens. From October 18th to 22nd, Latvia will participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair, during which time the virtual tour will be available to every visitor at Latvia's exhibition stand.

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