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Latvian Women Poets at “Schamrock” Festival

2016, October 25

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From 28th until 30th October, Munich (Germany) is going to host “Schamrock”, the third international festival for women poets, in which a special focus will be paid to Latvian authors. During the festival, poets Anna Auziņa, Inga Gaile and Liāna Langa will be giving readings of their works.

“Schamrock” is held every two years in the German city of Munich, and each time a special awareness is raised for contemporary women's poetry from a particular country. This year's focus countries are Indonesia, India and Latvia.

Latvia will be represented at the festival by Anna Auziņa, Inga Gaile and Liāna Langa. Liāna Langa will perform alongside the musician, Ingūna Rubene, on Friday, 28th October, whereas Anna Auziņa and Inga Gaile will give readings of their poems on 30th October.

Performances will be given altogether by 50 poetesses and musicians from 17 countries: Argentina, Austria, Botswana, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Latvia, Romania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey and the USA.

The name of the festival, “Schamrock”, was created by merging the German word “scham” (meaning 'shame') with the English “rock” (stile of music and a way of life). The festival particularly welcomes woman authors known for their active participation in the public space, and courage expressing their opinions about socially and politically sensitive subjects. Poetry here interacts with other art forms – opera, theatre, music, as well as various lectures and discussions. The aim of the festival is to share diverse cultural experiences, dismantle borders that exist between languages and generations, as well as transform language into other means of expression. To read more about the festival, please visit OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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