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The third round of the competition “Grants for works promoting Latvia’s cultural heritage and history in English” announced

2017, March 11

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The Latvian Publishers’ Association and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia have announced the third round of the competition for “Grants For Works Promoting Latvia’s Cultural Heritage and History in English”. The winning works will be included in the national exhibition at the London Book Fair in the spring of 2018 when Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will be participating in the fair as market focus countries.

The objective of the two-year project “Grants For Works Promoting Latvia’s Cultural Heritage and History in English” is to translate and publish works about Latvian culture, achievements and values in order to promote international recognition of events and processes that shape Latvian culture and identity.

The competition is open for publishers in Latvia and abroad, as well as local and foreign joint publishing enterprises that are in line with the provisions set out in the competition regulations. Applications will be judged by a committee of experts consisting of five judges.

Book projects of high content, artistic and print design value are welcome to participate in the third round of the competition. Applicants may submit works on Latvian cultural heritage, architecture, music, cinema and theatre in a global context that have already been published in Latvian before, as well as works previously unpublished either in Latvian or English. The competition is aimed at publishing works of popular science for English reading audiences around the world.

The deadline for submitting projects has been extended according to the provision 1.11 of the regulations and is set for 3rd May, 2017 (included).

More information about the competition regulations and works previously supported by the grants is available on the Publishers’ Association website: www.gramatizdeveji.lv.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the project manager Dr. phil. Beata Paškevica at beatep@latnet.lv.

We look forward to your applications and successful collaboration!

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