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This Year's Second Competition for Foreign Publishers Concluded

2019, June 21

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On June 18th, the Commission of experts gathered and assessed 11 applications from foreign publishers for publishing literary works of Latvian authors abroad. This competition was financed by the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Latvia, and supported projects in different languages. The Commission was composed of five experts: literary critic Anda Baklāne, translator and publisher Pēteris Jankavs, translator Dace Meiere, writer and translator Vilis Kasims and executive manager of the "Latvian Literature" platform Inga Bodnarjuka-Mrazauskas.

In total, 9 project proposals from foreign publishers for publishing literary works of Latvian authors abroad were awarded. Please see the list of supported projects below. Together experts decided to support foreign publishers with amount of 23 500 EUR.

Next contest will be announced in August 1st, 2019.

NR Publisher Language Literary work Author Support from the Latvian Literature platform
1. Lithuanian Writers' Union Publishers LTU Sarkanais dzīvsudrabs / Red Quicksilver Arno Jundze 3000,00
2. Abismos Editorial ESP Putekļi smilšu pulkstenī / Dust in an Hourglass Arno Jundze 3000,00
3. Päike ja Pilv EST Zirgā / In Wich The Horse Walks On The Piano Inese Zandere 2000,00
4. OMBRA GVG ALB Pieci Pirksti / Five Fingers Māra Zālīte 2500,00
5. Shinhyoron Publishing Inc JPN Mātes piens / Soviet Milk Nora Ikstena 3000,00
6. Klak DEU Mātes piens / Soviet Milk Nora Ikstena 3000,00
7. Kalachuvadu Publications IND Ar balles kurpēm Sibīrijas sniegos / With Dancing Shoes in Siberian Snows Sandra Kalniete 2100,00
8. Antolog Books MKD Uci Puci meklē mājas / Ucipuci Is Looking for Home Zane Zusta 2550,00
9. Nodar Dumbadze Publishing & Literary Agency GEO Dzejas izlase / Poetry Collection Sergejs Timofejevs 3000,00
        TOTAL: 23 500, 00
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